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On communist poster art September 28, 2009

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My coursework is basically split into four main themes, bicultural, trapped, multitalented and results centred happiness.

The following is the short write up on my prep on the theme of biculture:

In this piece of work, I endeavour to depict what our school appears to pride itself in-biculturalism. I intend to make use of communist poster art to bring across my message. Nanyang is often deemed to be communist because of our strong emphasis in being bicultural and thus I felt it would be apt to mimic communist posters. Also, red and white which are predominant communist colours are also the colours found on our school uniform. In addition, I also included a loud haler as it is a symbol of speaking, encouraging people to speak out and be bilingual. I also decided to ultimately install my print as the coverpage of an English-Chinese dictionary as it is a literal embodiment of biculture.

so i decided to make use of a common perception of nanyang being communist in my artwork. Thus i started researching on communist posters, trying to find a common point, mainly trying to answer the question of : what makes communist posters communist posters?

so i googled communist poster art and found the following pictures rather representative of my perception on communist art.

Common characteristics of communist posters:

communist one

communist two

    communist three
    communist four
    and so i concluded that the following five points can almost be considered to be applicable to any successful communist poster. It must have:

  1. an uprising centre figure that takes up majority of the picture frame
  2. directional lines leading out of the picture frame
  3. red
  4. white
  5. a characteristic figure of the country/group as the main figure

I also quite liked this website as it provides a comprehensive number of propaganda posters collected by the creator of the website.

I think communist poster art is a rather effective way of propagating an idea as it just screams what it is trying to mention right in your face.


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  1. Enlightening this is how some see it. Thanks for a good article.

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