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Chinese New Year September 28, 2009

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Title: lion head
Medium: charcoal
Size: A3

This was done quite long ago. which makes me suspect that it was not from sec three. but anyways, this is a real life observation drawing of a lion head and fire crackers. I feel that the rendition of the textures and patterns are quite okay. I do not usually like using charcoal as I feel that it is very troublesome and rather dirty. However, i feel that while the lion head seems rather well done, the fire crackers definitely do not seem to be near realistic. In fact, they seem to be completely out of the composition. If i could do this again, I would not do such a rushed job. I remember having two lessons to do this I think. but I ended up procrastinating it to fill one lesson, thus being very slipshod when i had to draw the firecrackers D:


black, white and analogous colours

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Title: collage

Medium: acrylic paint
Size: A3 paper

This artwork is another NAFA artwork. For this artwork, we were asked to pick items belonging to ourselves and render it in three analogous colours and black and white. Some of the items i picked was my watch, my wallet, my keychain. my phone, my phone pouch,etc. I Feel that the overall use of colour was rather even. However, this painting is really raw as I was really new to the whole idea of acrylic ( at that time) and so i could not really control my brush. So the items ended up having really awkward edges. To improve on this work, I need alot more practive in my brushcontrol. I need to learn how to apply an even amount of force so that my lines turn out evenly.However, interestingly, the overlapping of the many items make the painting seem to have a few layers even though if you look at the individual objects, they look rather flat. I feel that this is an idea worth exploring — how to create depth in a painting through overlapping subject matters.


all things black

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Title: All things black

This is an artwork that I have procrastinated on since sec two and I recently found it on my study table so I decided to take it out and finish it. It basically plays on black and white, using Chinese ink, markers, pencils, pens to paint things black and white. The subject matter if I do not remember wrongly, is that of things that we could find around us. I can identify things like bottles, plates, fishes (?) paint tubes and fire crackers in there. In sec two I really did not like this piece of work as I felt that it was really boring to paint things all black and white. But now looking at it, I realized that black is not just black and white is not just white. There are tones and hues in between that I can render which will give the entire artwork a different feeling. Wow does that mean that I have matured and am starting to see grey areas? Maybe it is the success of art or language arts. This painting is also a play on patterns and textures. Patterns and textures are created through varying types of lines and varying media. For example, when I use Chinese ink and do a wet on wet technique, the area feels generally smooth and calm and harmoniously blended. However, when I use my black felt tip markers, the lines created are rather strong and jarring. Perhaps I should have noticed the type of feeling my chosen medium could portray and use it to my advantage. I do not think that this piece of work is well executed as when I was sec two, I mainly coloured things that way because I just wanted it to be there. Thus when I tried to work on it again this year, I could not do much as much area was already covered when I started work.



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urbanisation( thanks huiying for the pic)

Title: Urbanisation
Medium: plaster of paris

This sculpture is a collaborative project between Yong Hwang, Ping Ting, Hui Ying and me during our NAFA lesson. We basically had to choose from four themes, which were namely wonder, growth and ___________.. Through this sculpture we were trying to show how urbanization causes deforestation which ultimately destroys our habitat. The fun part about doing this sculpture was the experimenting with plaster of paris, which was a foreign medium to us. The roots of the trees were made by wrapping our fingers in plaster of paris. Our teamwork was amusing as most of the time since I had the longer finger, I would make the longer part of the roots and ping ting having petite fingers will attach her cast to the end of mine, making a tree root-ish feeling. I think I had a lot of fun doing this as plaster of paris was really novel, though pulling your finger out of a cast was occasionally painful. We ultimately decided to paint the sculpture with red and green as they are complementary colours and while green represents nature, red represents danger, alert and destruction. I think that on the overall we collaborated well and perhaps if we were to do another sculpture, we could perhaps attempt one of a bigger size as we finished three hours, which is an equivalent of one whole lesson ahead of the rest of our class.


Me! September 16, 2009

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Title: All things me
Medium: Ballpoint pen on paper
Size: A3 paper

This is yet another NAFA artwork. We were told to choose objects that represent ourselves and arrange it. we were told to note texture and the direction and strokes of our pen. The subject matter in my medium include a saxophone, buttons, flowers, ballet shoes, an mp3 and an earpiece. They are all placed on a ginger bread man, which represents my liking for food. I enjoyed doing this as it is a new medium. i never really liked drawing in pen as i would feel very unconfident of drawing, for fear that i would make an error. at the end, i still completed this piece of work.

However, i feel that there are many areas for improvement. for one, the colour contrast should be more obvious. more emphasis should be placed on the lighting. Also, i should be more daring with my strokes,instead of being too cautious of how i handle the pen. Being less restricted would help me execute the artwork more freely and more expressively. I could also think of using different coloured ball point pens.



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P7190011P7190012P7190016P7190020P7190009P7190021P7190023P7190024P7190010P7190008P7190003P7190004Title: Crane
Medium: Digital Photography

This series of photographs was taken in my NAFA classroom. Yep. When we stepped in, the room was in a mess with papers, books, shoes, chairs, lightbulbs, wires, curtains, thrown artistically all around the class. We were basically told to take photographs of what we saw and then render it in pencil. On a random note, I liked the NAFA pencil a lot because it was a complete led pencil so the area for shading was really big and thus shading was much easier. Anycase, so we had to take pictures and find an artistic shot amidst the mess. And being the neat freak that I am, I was quite frustrated by the mess, much less interested in finding a good perspective to photograph. So I tried placing my camera through different parts of my easel and mainly just shoot without looking. I quite like the idea of randomly photographing things as it makes it feel less restrained. But then again, it also means that it is less artistic given the idea of the golden ratio etc. So when I found out that I should probably attempt some ratio in my composition, I looked through my random shots and tried finding one that had reasonably interesting subject matter. And at the end I liked the one with the paper crane as I like cranes. So I started having more focused shots, attempting to apply some form of ratio. And these were what I ended up with. On the overall they are not really great pictures since it does not have any fun or interesting camera effects but hmmm my camera is a pentax optio and does not have any in the first place., but yup. I am quite happy I overcame my eccentricity and shot something.


Charcoal Drawing Part Two

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Title: Self portrait
Medium: Charcoal
Size: A2 drawing paper

For this artwork, we were first given a photo of ourselves. yep we were told to pose in a way that is most representative of ourselves then our teacher would take a picture of us. She then helped us to translate the coloured photograph into black and white using photography. So basically we were supossed to enlarge it proportionally onto an A2 size drawing paper. (the photograph was like A5) using charcoal as a medium. I faced great difficulty as i really cant draw human figures for nuts. and i could not draw my face properly. So i had to resort to drawing guidelines, which according to my teacher is slightly amateur-ish. but yeah guidelines do help (: I think this drawing does not really look like me but my mom thinks that it looks like me if you look at it from the top right hand corner. hahah nevertheless, it looks relatively human right?

On the overall i feel quite proud of this drawing as it is the first time im attempting the usage of charcoal and its definitely one of my first relatively successful self portraits (: If i could do this one more time, i would still stick to the same size of paper as i think it is a challenging but accomplishable size.  However, i would further refine things like the texture on my clothes and actually my shirt had designs on it but i decided to simplify it as i thought my standard was not up to it yet. thus to challenge myself in the future, i could consider including the designs.


and compare that with this. which is wat i drew in sec one. the distortion is intentional. we’re supposed to look fat.